I have always had a love for art, people, and culture.  I love telling stories and I am currently pursuing my M.A. in Visual Anthropology.  I focus on ethnographic documentation through film and photography.  

This summer (between the months of May, June and July) I will be traveling through Europe trading my skills as a photographer for a few of life’s basic necessities: food, shelter, and good conversations.  I am not interested in making a profit off my photography, only trading for whatever photography needs one might have: weddings, business head shots, family portraits, etc.   

Additionally, I am asking each of my subjects to connect me with their friends, family members or associates who may be interested in trading with me down the line, as well as a lift or train ticket to my next appointment.  

I believe that this will be a great way to travel and explore Europe, while at the same sharing reciprocal relationships with my subjects.  If you are interesting in trading or have any questions, please contact me. 

-Adreanna ♥


The above cities are desired travel sites.  The route of my trip is to be announced soon and the cities are subject to change upon trade request. Site suggestions are extremely appreciated!